One of Best Diet Pills of 2016 that Works Fantastic

Overweight can be problem for you. In fact, overweight leads you to serious illnesses and even death. Before it’s too late, it is a must for you to do something to solve your problem. Actually, exercise and tight diet is not enough. It is better for you to be supported by diet pill. So, what kind of diet pill you have to consume to get maximal result? It will be good if you take one of best diet pills in 2016. The name of the pill is Phenq.

There are several reasons why you have to take this diet pill. One of them is because this diet pill helps you to burn fat in your body. Moreover, by consuming this Phenq you can also suppress your eating habit. As the result you will eat less but you still have enough energy to do all your daily activities. It is also considered as a safe product because the ingredients are natural ingredients without any dangerous chemical ingredients. Is it really effective to burn fat and reduce your weight? Definitely it is, and this is also why Phenq is included on the list of best diet pills in 2016. The pill works by increasing the level of thermogenesis. When thermogenesis is increases, your metabolism can remove fat from body.

The way to consume this diet pill is also easy, but you still have to follow the instruction for maximal result and safety. For example, you should be at 18 years old or more. Moreover, Phenq is not allowed for pregnant women. It is better to consume this type of diet pill after delivering the baby. Of course, it is a must for you to strict to the instruction. If it is also okay to consult to your doctor first before following this diet program. What makes you doubt before consuming this diet pill is about the safety of this product. Again, you need to understand that Phenq is classified on the best diet pills in 2016. It means most people with overweight problem are using this diet pill to solve their problem. The ingredients are also natural such as capsimax power, calcium carbonate, chrorium picolinate, and also caffeine. It has been used by many people with overweight problem and they said that they are satisfied with the performance of this diet pill. To get this pill, you have to spend around $69.95 and you will get a bottle of Phenq consist of 60 tablets.

Masturbation Methods for a Sore Penis

In many ways, masturbation is good for a man’s health; it relieves stress, gets him in touch with what he likes and brings a dose of pleasure to his day. Sometimes, though, frequent or rough handling can leave a man with a sore penis. While following certain penis care steps, like using lubricant and avoiding a tight grip, can help prevent soreness, a man is bound to feel some tenderness in the region now and then.

It’s generally a good idea to give the member a rest when it is sore, but sometimes the urge to masturbate is hard to resist. There are a few methods men can employ to protect their sensitive penises while still gratifying their desires.

When the head is sore

For many men, the head of the penis is the most sensitive part. This leaves it susceptible to becoming overly sensitive – particularly if a man has rubbed it vigorously or gone commando, exposing it to the friction of his trousers.

A man with a sore penile head, along with the urge to self-pleasure, can take this as an opportunity to try out some new styles. Consider the following:

Base Focus: Some men focus so much on the sensitive head when masturbating that they never find out what potential for pleasure lies at the other end. A man can try concentrating on the base of his penis, varying rhythm and grip tightness. He might also want to get the testicles involved – gentle strokes, light taps and/or soft squeezing can amplify his pleasure.

Ring Fingers: Make a circle with the thumb and index finger of the right hand around the base of the penis; slide the ring upward just to the base of the head, then follow along with the other hand’s ring and index fingers. Continue alternating until climax.

When the shaft is sore

Sometimes, the shaft may have borne the brunt of chafing from previous sex or masturbation sessions, leaving the head as fair game. In that case, men can try these inventive head-focused masturbation methods:

Palm Rub: Lube up the palm of one hand, then rub it against the head of the penis until orgasm.

Tip Tapping: Once fully erect, gently tap the head of the penis with the fingertips. This method may take some time to bring about the big finish, but the suspense, along with the unique sensation, may make the extra time well worth it.

Additional tips

Using more lubricant while masturbating is a good idea for both preventing and managing soreness. While friction from a dry hand may feel great in the moment, it might not feel so hot afterward.

If men are chronically sore from their solo routines, they might want to ask themselves whether their grip is too tight. If a man can’t experience pleasure without a super-tight grip, he may have de-sensitized his penis to subtler sensations. This could pose a risk to his performance while with an actual partner. Taking a break from masturbation, then retraining oneself to respond to gentler methods, can help. If a man is unable to achieve this on his own, a sex therapist could be of great value.

A final step men can take to prevent and recover from a sore penis is to use a quality penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Equipped with Shea butter and vitamin E, Man1 Man Oil moisturizes the skin, keeping it smooth, soft and resilient to friction. Applying the product daily can make a big difference in overall skin condition and the time it takes a man to recover from his last hand session. In addition to using lubricant and avoiding a stranglehold on the member, this crème will help maintain penile health and enable a man to be ready to go for his next trip to Pleasuretown.